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Kommende Veranstaltungen

- September 17

IMTS 2016
The HALTER LoadAssistant will be on display at IMTS with Hwacheon's HiTECH 450B YSMC machine. YMT will also demo the LoadAssistant on a Quaser vertical machining center. See it in person at booth S-8119 (Hwacheon) and S-9451 (YMT).
Where: Chicago, IL

- May 26

Globetec Open House
See the HALTER LoadAssistant and Globetec's new Mikron XT-One dual spindle 5-axis machining center at their demo days event.
Where: South Elgin, IL

The HALTER LoadAssistant®

Make your best investment today!
HALTER LoadAssistant is a universal robot for workpiece loading of CNC machines. It can be connected to any new or existing CNC machine for loading of workpieces up to 9.055″ (230 mm). You can start using it immediately because it is easy to install and to operate.

Easy loading system with less than 5 min set-up times
The system is very fast to set up, it is literally nothing more than following a few steps on a 15″ touch screen.

Improves your flexibility, short payback period!
Metalworking companies that invest in the HALTER LoadAssistant immediately see an increase in their profit margins and in the flexibility of their production, even when producing small and medium series. The payback period is less than a year.

It is a smart and sophisticated system and it simply does what it is designed to do: load your CNC machine with small and medium series. Choose the HALTER LoadAssistant® like many other companies have done and improve your business immediately!

HALTER at Open House at EIMCo. Inc highlights productivity

HALTER Open House at EIMCo

East Iowa Machine Company (EIMCo.) held an open house at their machine shop in Farley, Iowa to showcase their HALTER LoadAssistant units. The focus of the event was to show the increased productivity as a result of EIMCo running two HALTER systems on their floor. With a 20kg unit running on a Doosan TT1800SY and a 35kg unit running on a Doosan 2600SY, EIMCo has very quickly seen the benefits of the HALTER system. EIMCo measures their productivity on a daily basis and has seen those running the HALTER units easily double their hourly productivity rate as a result of using the LoadAssistant. Visitors were impressed by the quick and simple changeover with the smart control system that allows for changeover in as little as five minutes.

Mori Seiki draaibank halter

Gancza & Koch from Wickede (Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany) connected the HALTER LoadAssistant to a Mori Seiki NL 2000 lathe. The company has invested in the HALTER to operate this machine almost unmanned, allowing the operator to produce single pieces on the other lathe. Bernd Gancza: “We can use the operator for the work  […]

Mazak Halter robot arm kopen draaibank

Andrew van der Bruggen of Westbrug Techniek has invested in a second HALTER LoadAssistant. The HALTER is connected to a Mazak Nexus 250-II-QT lathe. Van der Bruggen: “For a long time now we have been convinced that the production of the machine should not be limited […]

Hardinge Bridgeport Halter robot

DKH from Uden (NL) is using the HALTER LoadAssistant also with the Hardinge Bridgeport VMC 610XP.  Depending on the workload, the HALTER cell is moved from a Victor lathe to a Hardinge Bridgeport milling center. In this way, the robot allows the company to respond flexibly […]

Okuma Halter CNC robot

The HALTER LoadAssistant has recently been integrated with the Okuma 7-axis multi-tasking machine: Okuma Multus B-400W. BMI Thegon chose to purchase a second HALTER system to also increase the quantity of the spindle hours of their Okuma […]

Misan open house: Okuma with Halter in CZ

Misan s.r.o. is the Okuma and Brother dealer in Czech Republic. In beginning of June 2015 they organized together with Iscar an event with topic “Machining productivity”. HALTER has been demonstrated on a Okuma SPACE [...]

Halter also for HAAS customers

Automation is a must also for HAAS users. Haas dealer Landré used the open house as an opportunity to demonstrate their HAAS ST- 25Y with HALTER LoadAssistant. Visitors got a good impression of simplicity and [...]

First install of the HALTER LoadAssistant in the USA at EIMCo

EIMCo (East Iowa Machine Company), located in Farley, was the first company in the US to install a HALTER LoadAssistant. EIMCo continually invests in cutting-edge technology to provide customers with progressive and diverse manufacturing capabilities. [...]

Decker (USA) buys two HALTER’s for auto loading of Doosans

Decker Precision Machining from Peosta, Iowa, has integrated two HALTER LoadAssistant units with a Doosan 2600 SY and a Doosan 240M lathe. President and owner, Randy Decker, has chosen the HALTER because it is the [...]

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